Cross Country Road Trip: Colorado River

     Let's go back in time now to Peter's and my road trip
     across the US. We went sometime in June but I'm finally
     getting the posts edited and up on the blog.
     Peter came over to my house one day and said he wanted
     to go on a road trip so we packed up and were on the road
     in a few hours after that. We didn't really have a plan and I
     had no idea if Kylie was going to enjoy being in the car for
     that long, but we went anyway... and it was great.
     One of the liberties in being from California is that you can
     just drive away into the sunset.. well actually, away from the
     sunset. We headed east through Nevada and Utah during
     the night and by the time the sun came up, we were in
     Colorado. I'm pretty sure these photos were taken at like 7am.
     Colorado is by far one of the most beautiful states
     I've been in. And also one of the most terrifying to drive in.
     One wrong turn and we could've been in the river. Thankfully
     that didn't happen. Stay tuned for more very soon!
     Love you all. 
Shorts: Joes
Shirt: Madewell
Jacket: Vintage Levis
Boots: Diesel 

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