Spring Clean

      Don't ask me why I look so angry, I have no idea.
      This is my RBF as Jenny would call it.  Look that up
      if you don't know what it means.
      Anyway, I've been making some life changes recently.
      Some big, some small. Reassessing my life and the people
      in it. Doing some spring cleaning I guess in many ways.
      Holding on to the things that are worth it, and throwing out the
      rest. Not going to waste my efforts on things that I'm not
      passionate about. And you'll be seeing a huge change this
      coming week that I'm so excited about. Just follow my instagram
      for updates!
      Love you all. 
Top: PacSun
Jeans: Current Elliott 
Shoes: Shoe Dazzle
Necklace: Misa Jewelry

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