Things We Said Today

photos by Easton Schirra
clothing: top from brandy melville, skirt from thrift store, chain headpiece made by me (

I really can't wait for summer. My last day of school is today! But I feel like I'm getting sick! :( 
These pictures were taken by my good friend Easton. You should check out his FLICKR
And while your at it, check out MINE too. ;) 

So just a little update, I was featured on! Its such an honor to be featured along with other amazing bloggers! You can check out the feature here:  I think I'm on the third slide :)

And If you haven't already, for those of you who live near LA, you should enter my GIVEAWAY!!
Bobby R is coming into town and Peter Adrian and Maddison will be there too! 

Looking forward to meeting the three who win!