The Love of My Life

 First Born

4 Days old

3 Months old

6 Months old

10 months old

1 year 

This post is a bit personal, but I thought I would share with you all my beautiful daughter. This is Kylie. She's 1 and a half now. Time flew by so fast. All mothers say that but its so true. At times I miss my little baby, but the age she is at now is so fun! I try and take her to the park every other day. Her favorite thing to do is go on the swings. The days in between, I get her to practice some sort of art. She loves finger painting and coloring. Her favorite toy is our cat. Yes, a real cat. She drags the poor thing around the house. The cat loves her too though. Kylie loves everyone she meets. She's shy at first and gets quiet around people she doesn't know, but once you are around her a bit you'll get to know that she is anything but shy. Her favorite game to play with me is "horsey". Im sure you all know that one. She climbs on my back and I crawl around and neigh like a horse. Oh the things you do when you're a mother.. Anyway.. theres a little peak into my life. Hope you enjoyed <3